I’m bram naus, a digital designer. At least, that’s what I fill in on forms. You can also see me as a type nerd, a future entrepreneur, or another one of those passionate home cooks. Is it because of an imposter syndrome, or my excitement for getting an understanding of things? I still don’t know, but I decided to embrace that I love to do everything at once - and do it good.

Besides the drums, Mario Kart, and Virgil Abloh, I studied Media & Culture at the University of Amsterdam. These ingredients, combined with exploring my dad’s architect books as a kid, led me to start cooking as an UI designer at Resoluut - an Amsterdam based design agency. There I delved into design, people and how these two interact. After two years I decided to write design history with Verve and we did: we became European Agency of The Year. I gained a deeper understanding of digital brands and worked with absolute talents.

Now, I’m working on a better future for small business owners at a startup called Vev. I get to build the brand from scratch with crème de la crème colleagues. Berrie Trippe being one of them. He has always been my developer partner-in-crime. Growing up together, Berrie and I started our own agency tweeb when we were 18. Our journey comes full circle as we’re learning together – again – about digital products and the trials and triumphs of a startup.

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